Our Values

  • Our management philosophy is based on customer orientation and respect for humanity.
  • To make sure our customers and employees know that they are special for Unimetal.
  • Quality is a continuous process and a way of life for us.
  • Our operations are conducted with utmost care for and in compliance with occupational health & safety principles.
  • We demonstrate outstanding efforts to stay at the Apex of Quality.
  • We accomplish many diverse activities that social responsibility necessitates, reflecting our philosophy of respecting society and protecting the environment.
  • We aim at providing the most reliable solutions at the most economic level.
  • We carry out all our work and decisions in line with ethics, transparency and trustworthiness.
  • We always keep Customer Satisfaction at the forefront, use time, resources and labor efficiently to provide competitive advantage to our customers.
  • We place utmost emphasis on honoring our commitments, aiming at long-term relationships based on trust.
  • We create an atmosphere of trust for our customers and employees, through always respecting information security and confidentiality.
  • We keep track of all developments in the global economy and our own industry, so that we can ensure continuous corporate and personal, and thereby always adopt swiftly to innovations.
  • We support a qualified, productive and creative work environment for our employees so that all have personal improvement opportunities and that they do feel they belong to their company.