Quality Policy

Unimetal has accepted the principles below as its “Quality Policy”.

  • In order to meet customer demands in the best manner, we follow the “Continuous Customer Satisfaction” principle.
  • We aim at “Continuous Process Improvement” principle to reach the required quality at minimum cost while eliminating the waste of time and resources.
  • We acknowledge the “Conservation of Natural Environment” principle to preserve the notion of environmental awareness in all our activities.
  • We acknowledge the “Continuous Training” principle for the purpose of instilling quality awareness to all our employees at every level; aiming at improvement of quality objectives on all fronts.
  • We aim at “Maintaining Strong Company Image” with the conscious support of all Unimetal team, through following the latest developments in technology and improvement of existing production technics.

Our Top Management is dedicated to providing its employees all the necessary resources to uphold our Quality Policy.