Design, Tooling & Machining

Tooling Design & Production:

Our most precious asset is our experienced team. Therefore, although conforming to technical requirements is critical for Tooling design, ergonomy and employer health and safety are our foremost priority.

Unimetal utilizes the latest CAD technology to build its customers’ Wax Injection Tools with optimal casting parameters at the most competitive cost.

The success of Unimetal's high-quality castings stems primarily from the experience and know-how of its Design & Tooling shop professionals.

The apparatus and fixtures that provide and support the dimensional consistency of the Wax Injection Tools are designed and built to perfection with a view to repeatability of correct measurements at precisely customer-required tolerances.

Thanks to our extensive dimensional shrinkage data-bank, we are able to produce toolings and fixtures that conform to technical requirements at the very-first try. The resulting sound and long-lasting toolings and fixtures provide our customers with advantages in both time and cost.

Thorugh our simulation software, which we have created specifically for tooling production, we are able to electronically test the toolings in terms of longevity and convenience for use, before moving on to actual production. We are also able to make optimal choices for inserts, bushings and cores for the toolings.

We are able to design and build Toolings within 72 hours via our in-house 25 tools / month capacity.

The proof of the care and experience we apply to all toolings, equipment and fixtures are proudly evident in all that we produce.


We provide our customers significant advantages in time and cost in machining operations, utilizing the shape and design flexibility of investment casting.

Your machining demand may be just one part or thousans of parts and in differrent alloys. Thanks to the flexibility of our machine pool, we are able to provide solutions for your requests of different types and dimensions.

We evaluate your machining demand in terms of machining surface integrity, total cost of machining process, efficient usage of energy and other resources, minimisation of waste and health & safety and environmental performance criteria. We then -present our customers with the ideal machining solutions.

Aware of the need for continuous modernisation of our machinery pool, we make the necessary investments in the most up-to-date milling machines and lathes, thereby offering machined and assembled products to our customers, who are all leaders in their own industries.

Through the Product Traceability and Batch-Tracking system which we have set-up, we are able to follow all steps of the machining process and obtain relevant data-reports, which we utilize to attain continuous improvement in machining . We are then able to share our gains with our customers.