Project Oriented Solutions

Solutions from Start to Final Products:

Our engineers and technical team constantly communicate and cooperate with our customers on a project oriented basis, making sure their demands and requirements are realized compeletely.

We are with you right from the start, evaluating the project's functional integrity, process capacity, production efficiency and budgetary expectations, and decide together on the optimal choices for material type, manufacturing method, and design details in line with "DFM: Design For Manufacturing" principles.

As a result, we offer our customers finished products through in-house operations and supplier organization of tooling design and production, casting, precision machining, heat treatment and surface treatment.

Turnkey Investment Casting Facility:

Investment Casting is a complex process comprised of many separate sub-processes. Equipment manufacturers will often build equipments independently for the sub-processes. Machinery such as wax-injection presses, melting equipment, coating / plating systems and ceramic sinter furnaces are all produced with a view to the former and other-sector experience of the manufacturers. Inevitably, many foundries then end up with investment casting production lines that are not synchronised for technical capabilities. In order to resolve this situation, Unimetal has devised its own system for designing and producing machinery and equipment that are fine-tuned for balance between all sub-processes. Therefore, we are able to standardize runner and cluster systems, leading the way for automation.

We are able to handle clusters and castings of similar technical specs and dimension classifications separately for each work station's configuration. Thereby, wax models and ceramic shells are always managed in self-specific conditions, preventing hazardous handling.

As a result, we are able to make Automation possible for Investment Casting, which is naturally a significantly labor-intensive and manual process.

We are able to offer Turnkey Investment Casting Facilities based on the strength of such experience and know-how.