Rapid Prototyping

Your ideas turn into reality layer by layer with speed and precision.

Once we receive your 2D technical drawing and 3D model data, depending on the complexity of the part geometry, we can prepare your cast parts within 1 to 4 weeks.

In the past, designers had to endure either the high cost and long waiting time of casting tools prodution or settle for even higher cost of the machining samples to save on time. However, such waste of time and cost resources are no longer feasible or acceptable.

If a part is initailly designed for machining from bulk material, it is considerably difficult to revert it back to the far more economical casting design.

We enable our customers to benefit both on time and cost through the Rapid Prototyping Process. We also make it possible to have First Samples design in line with casting method requirements.

Customers naturally always require shorter design and development durations, and we respond to their needs by considerably saving time on pre-serial production time by our Rapid Prototyping system. We also eliminate the need for costly tooling investment.

Through our Rapid Prototyping solution, low batch-size demands and difficult designs (possibly requiring special cores usage) are possible and feasible without sacrificing on geometry or dimensions.

Therefore, Unimetal's Rapid Prototyping solution is an alternative serial production method for not just low batch-size demands, but also for numerous small-parts demands,  that significantly saves on time and cost.

Whatsmore, Rapid Prototyping is an excellent method for detecting design flaws before production, making it possible to ensure optimal compatibility of casting part specifications before serial manufacturing.